Is coworking for me? Your top 5 questions answered!

Why work from home, when you can work from Durango?!

In the midst of a unique year, so many of us have changed the way that we are working. With the benefit of working remotely, you could work from just about anywhere in the world! If this is the case and you are looking to give life in the mountains a try, you must check out The Leland House and R-Space Co-working.

What exactly is “co-working?”

R-Space is a fully equipped office with a variety of spaces to meet your needs. Need to make a copy or staple that report together? Don’t worry about having your own supplies- we’ve got you covered with all the basics! With high speed internet, coffee, private offices and meeting spaces, co working is a great place to work away from home.

Can you talk in a co-working space…or is it like a library?

Yes, you can absolutely talk. While many of our members will need to take calls throughout the day, you don’t have to whisper! Schedule a time for a tour with our staff and they can help you get set up and connected.

What does co-working look like now in the midst of a pandemic?

All members are required to wear masks while entering the space and moving around the office. Each of our desks and tables are spaces appropriately and high traffic surfaces are sanitized. Once you are seated, you may take off your mask and settle into your space.

How do I sign up?!

All guests at the Leland House receive free access to the space. Please let our staff know if you’d like to utilize this space. If you are a community member, give us a call or start your membership online at